Wammu is a program to manage data in your cell phone such as contacts, calendar or messages. Gammu SMSD is a service to mass send and receive SMS messages. Both these are built on top of Gammu library, which provides abstraction layer to work with different cell phones from different vendors (including Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Huawei and others).


Utilidad de línea de comandos que permite usar todas las funciones de libGammu.

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Servicio de demonio SMS para recibir y mandar mensajes automaticamente.

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Programa con Interfaz gráfica para manejar contactos, tareas, calendario y mensajes en tu teléfono.

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Vinculaciones Python para libGammu para poder utilizala desde scripts Python.

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Library exporting all Gammu functionality for use in C programs.

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python-gammu 2.12

python-gammu 2.12 has been just released. New python-gammu release with minor code fixes and new build for Windows.

Publicado el 23 de Febrero de 2019 por Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.40.0

Gammu 1.40.0 has been just released. Releasing new features after one year, most visible improvements are in the SMSD.

Publicado el 28 de Enero de 2019 por Michal Čihař

Wammu 0.44

Wammu 0.44 has been just released. New bugfix version of Wammu with Windows installer.

Publicado el 5 de Enero de 2018 por Michal Čihař

python-gammu 2.11

python-gammu 2.11 has been just released. Compatibility release to support latest Gammu features and to bring better support for Windows.

Publicado el 5 de Enero de 2018 por Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.39.0

Gammu 1.39.0 has been just released. Release with several bugfixes and improved compatibility with Windows systems.

Publicado el 5 de Enero de 2018 por Michal Čihař


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