Nokia MTK2 iPro i6 Pro

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connection = blueat

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Haven't yet tried sending SMS. I used Bluetooth as I could not get things to work using USB cable (although I only could be bothered to try a few permutations of Wammu's settings). Retrieved SIM contacts and saved to PC. Wammu then froze but I then killed and then restarted it. There weren't any phone memory contacts on phone, so nothing showed up, but probably works as I said for SIM. Saved phone info. to PC. Phone doesn't support calendar or To-Dos. Wammu tried to get calls (logs -- 'MC'; 'DC'; 'RC') but failed. Haven't tried anyting else. This phone is manufactured by ShenZhen ZhiKe Communication Co.,Ltd'/'Shenzhen Phone-Talk Technology Co., Ltd.' of Guangdong, China (mainland). Website: and DETAILED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS WEBSITE:

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Creado por Gary Hayward el 27 de Marzo de 2012 a las 22:25.

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